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In-Person Event | September 21st

Finances for Newly Marrieds

Whether you’re planning your wedding or newly married, it can be one of the most joyful times in your life!

It can also bring up a lot of unanticipated changes. One of those things is how you handle your finances as a couple. Join your workshop leader Brenda Bridges, a financial advisor, mediator, and divorce expert, to start your money journey.

Join Brenda to go through defining your money mindset, understanding your partner’s mindset, tips to determine what role money will play in your family, and simple “how-to’s” to set yourselves up for your own personal happily ever after.

Past Events

Online Podcast | August 29th

Real Money Real Money -The VoiceAmerica Talk

Real Money with Lisa Chastain Monday at 10AM on VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Not enough women are talking about money. The truth is, so many women feel shame and guilt about the choices they are making financially, and it isn’t their fault!

  • When: Mon, August 29 at 10:00 AM EDT
  • Where: Online Podcast
Online Event | Held August 10th

Ten Most Common Financial Mistakes People Make in Divorce

On August 10, Advice Chaser hosted a webinar titled, “Ten Most Common Financial Mistakes People Make in Divorce.” Divorce is a difficult financial challenge, and to make it worse, most people have no experience in it when they get divorced. As a result, they often fall into the same mistakes.

This webinar addressed mistakes such as thinking only legally and not financially, making decisions based on the short term, not being explicit in all agreements, and more. Brenda Bridges, financial advisor and divorce coach, presented. With her experience counseling individuals through divorce, she will leave attendees confident and aware of some of the pitfalls on the road ahead.