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The Hidden Cost of Divorce: Easing the Burden on People Operations

We recognize that you, as a HR professionals have critical roles ranging from setting competitive salary and benefits plans to attracting talented employees, from workplace issues between employees and employers to assessing employees' job satisfaction and finding ways to improve it. You manage, recruit, evaluate, interview, hire and solve. In a nutshell, you oversee keeping everyone in your company happy, healthy, and safe while also supporting a financially sound, profitable enterprise.

We also understand that when a divorcing employee enters the picture, your job can become even more challenging.
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Mitigating Divorce Disruptions for a More Efficient, Supportive Workplace

Divorce adds an additional layer of complexity to your already demanding responsibilities. Divorce can have a profound and often underestimated impact on employee productivity. When employees face divorce, they may experience emotional stress, financial concerns, and time away from work to deal with legal and psychological aspects of divorce. 

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Divorce can lead to a decline in worker performance of up to 50% to 75%.*

Additionally, supervisors and HR professionals may spend valuable time addressing issues related to employee performance and productivity during divorce, further impacting the overall workplace environment.

And, when it’s all done, it’s not unusual for that same employee to move on to new employment, leaving you with the challenge of hiring someone new to fill their role.

Their emotional and financial concerns can affect job performance, and workplace conflicts may arise.
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Boosting HR Success with Bridging Divorce Solutions

Minimize Productivity Loss, Maximize Employee Happiness

You have enough on your plate. The complications of divorce can further complicate your role. That’s why we offer a solution that minimizes disruption. 

Working with us provides: 

  • A non-adversarial, informed approach to divorce, reducing conflicts that can spill over to the workplace.
  • Resources to help HR professionals support employees during divorce.
  • Financial information employees can’t find elsewhere that is specific to divorce both during and after their process, promoting stability.
  • Divorce coaching to help employees reduce the anxiety of “what’s next?” that divorce litigation causes, allowing them to stay focused on their job responsibilities.
  • A streamlined process that reduces time and cost of the divorce, allowing the divorcing couple to proceed on their timeline; thereby reducing time away from work. 

By partnering with Bridging Divorce Solutions,

HR professionals can maintain a productive and harmonious workplace, even in the face of divorce-related challenges.

Our services are designed to complement your efforts, ensuring that your organization remains a supportive and efficient environment.

Contact us today to explore how our services align with your organization's goals, and can save both time and expense.


  • Cost-Efficiency: Our non-adversarial approach minimizes the financial burden of divorce for both employees and organizations, saving on legal costs and potential disruptions.
  • Employee Well-Being: By offering our services, HR professionals demonstrate a commitment to supporting employees during a challenging life transition, promoting overall well-being and job satisfaction.
  • Minimized Workplace Impact: Our approach reduces the risk of divorce-related conflicts affecting the workplace, ensuring a harmonious work environment.
  • Empowering HR Professionals: We empower HR professionals to create a supportive workplace environment during challenging times. By offering access to Bridging Divorce Solutions as a resource, HR professionals can foster loyalty, productivity, and resilience among employees facing divorce. 
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When you consider divorce, or if you know someone who is contemplating divorce, one of the biggest realities for those in the divorce process is uncertainty post-divorce. Get the assistance of Brenda Bridges, a Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach.