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Navigating mediator bias

Mediation SOS: When Your Mediator Plays Favorites – How to Regain Balance with Mediator Bias

Mediation is a process built on trust, impartiality, and the belief that a neutral mediator will guide parties toward resolution without mediator bias.   However, there are instances when a mediator may unintentionally or intentionally stray from neutrality, leaving participants feeling frustrated or unheard. In this article, we’ll explore signs that your mediator may not be […]
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The Hidden Corporate Fallout of Divorce: Navigating Business and HR Challenges

Divorce is an intensely personal experience that invariably sends ripples, and sometimes tsunamis, through the lives of those involved. While its emotional and financial toll on individuals is well-documented, what often remains hidden in the shadows is the significant corporate fallout of divorce and, more specifically, the vital role of Human Resources (HR) professionals. In […]
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The Benefits of Divorce: Discovering the Upside

Divorce often receives negative criticism, but let’s look into the advantages that can arise from it. Many individuals who have experienced divorce can vouch for the positive aspects that come with it. Here are eight reasons to uncover the benefits of divorce:  1. Freedom Divorce allows you to break free from a relationship where your […]
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Embracing Happiness: A Journey of Empowerment After Divorce

A Path to Personal Empowerment After Divorce Hello, resilient souls! Today, I want to visit an often-overlooked topic of great significance—the journey toward happiness and empowerment after divorce. We spend a lot of time talking about the downside of divorce. Let’s take a peek at the upside.  In our society, lifelong marriages are often glorified as […]
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A Guide to Divorce for Affluent Women in Chattanooga: Navigating Divorce with Financial Wisdom and Empowered Choices

Divorce can be emotionally challenging and financially complex, especially for high-net-worth women who have worked hard to build wealth. At Bridging Divorce Solutions, we believe that divorce should not define you but instead present an opportunity for growth and a brighter future. Our mission is to empower mid-career and mid-life women to approach divorce with […]
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10 Myths About Divorce That You Should Never Fall For

If you have found yourself googling “divorce lawyer near me”, this message is for you: clarity is power – understanding what actually applies in your unique situation will help you make decisions in your own best interest. That being said, it’s time for us to bust some of the misconceptions around the divorce process by […]
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You’ve Been Served. What Now?

Filing for divorce starts the legal process in your state. In some states, there are timing issues to take into account. In Tennessee, you can’t be divorced until 90 days after you’ve filed if you have children or own a home.
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