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Mediator integrity

The Power of Mediator Integrity: When Transparency Trumps Bias

“In mediation, integrity is the name of the game.” I’ve spent years helping couples navigate the challenging waters of divorce through mediation, and one particular experience stands out as a striking example of the power of mediator integrity. It’s a tale that underscores the importance of remaining impartial and transparency’s crucial role in the mediation […]
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Navigating Divorce with Emotional Resilience: Empowering Grounded Decision-Making – Insights from Brenda Bridges, Your Certified Divorce Coach

Navigating divorce is a life-altering event that demands thoughtful decision-making and emotional resilience. As your Certified Divorce Coach, I understand women’s unique challenges during this transformative period. Today, let’s talk about…  Insights and guidance on making grounded decisions during divorce.  Focusing on what is best for you.  Your children.  Your financial stability. Let’s explore strategies […]
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