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Should You Really Keep The House After Divorce?

In divorce, the life you knew it is falling apart. The natural reaction is to cling to what you know and salvage what you can. When everything you thought you knew about your life and your future is in pieces, it can be a struggle to make sense of the fragments that remain. It's typical to want to stay in the house and retain some appearance of normalcy. While it seems like you are providing stability by staying in the family home, think it through. It may be a very high-priced mistake.
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Navigate Divorce After 50 Without Ruining Your Retirement

You set aside a comfortable retirement nest egg that calculated golden years spent together as one household.   Now those same funds will have to support not one but two households.  One study showed post-divorce single women’s income dropping by 45%, custodial parent's income dropping a whopping 52%.  And with these declines, it’s highly unlikely expenses will drop to the same degree.
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