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It’s hard enough getting divorced, but splitting up assets in a way that makes everyone happy can be fraught with emotional distress. Luckily, there are ways to get it done and have each side walk away with a plan for their better future.

In this episode, Modern Divorce Podcast host Billie Tarascio talks with Brenda Bridges, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® whose soothing tones and suggestions are sure to take the fire out of a contentious divorce. Especially for those who have been married a long time. With retirement accounts, property, and even a business to split up, working with a CDFA® can be a blessing, because it can also lower the cost of a divorce settlement by having an agreed-upon plan so that each side can walk away with a divorce decree they can be satisfied with.



Take Control of Your Future

When you consider divorce, or if you know someone who is contemplating divorce, one of the biggest realities for those in the divorce process is the financial settlement and financial analysis post-divorce. Get the assistance of Brenda Bridges, a Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®), RICP® Retirement Income Certified Professional, and Certified Divorce Coach.

Brenda provides step-by-step guidance on matters related to divorce. With a wide range of experience and expertise related to divorce issues, Brenda will simplify the process and provide much-needed clarity in areas such as long-term tax consequences, asset, and debt analysis, dividing pension plans, continued health care coverage, stock option elections, protecting support with life insurance, and much more.

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